Waterfalls and an Old Bike: Revolution Coffee Co. Review

Image of menu board with an title card overlay saying "Review: Foundation Coffee Co."

Good morning everyone, and happy Friday! Funny enough, it’s actually Friday when I’m writing this. I typically try to write ahead, but hey, life happens. This week I wanted to switch it up and do a review of a cute little coffee shop in hidden away in Tampa, FL. Foundation Coffee Co. has three locations […]

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Everything for $3?: A Brandless Review

For the last few weeks, I have had one request of my friends and family; please take my debit card away! Unfortunately, all I get is a laugh and a change of subject. As much as I would love to blame their refusal for my constant spending, I’ve no one to blame but myself. So, […]

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Can you drink Unicorns?

It’s been two days since the much anticipated Unicorn Frappuccino dropped into the lives and hearts of girls and unicorns everywhere. Seeing as I have a very real Starbucks addiction, I had to give it test and I am here to share that experience with you!   Ingredients So, what the heck is in this […]

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