February Mood Board: Soft & Light

January has come and gone, so why is it still freezing outside? Even though I live in Florida, the polar vortex sweeping the nation at the time I’m writing this has definitely effected the Tampa temperatures. I haven’t been able to see my breath since I lived in Indiana, so I’m not exactly thrilled that my butt freezes when I get in my car each morning. That’s one of the reasons that I chose a Soft & Light theme for my first monthly mood board.

February Mood Board

February Moodboard.png

I’ve always felt that mood boards were a great way to present thoughts and feelings in a creative way. This month, I wanted to pull in elements of warmth and coziness to help combat the cool temperatures. At the same time, I felt it important to bring in some light with a warm brown and peach color palette. This mood board represents the warmth and light that I want to carry with me into February 2019.



What are you most excited for during the month of February? Comment below or let me know on Instagram!

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Hello! My name is Monet, a 20 year old blogger from Tampa, Florida. I'm a marketing coordinator at a start-up and I love being able to share the fun things of life through my blog. Hopefully we can make adulting a little less daunting together.

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