Cheaping Out: Professional Outfits for Under $50

Dressing for a work environment can be an arduous task. It’s hard to know what is work appropriate and can be extremely expensive. Keeping that in mind, this week I’ve decided to show you three professional outfit that won’t break the bank. That’s right! Each outfit is under $50. Not only that, most of these pieces are incredibly versatile, giving you multiple outfits for the price of one. Clothing items are linked throughout the article, so sit back, relax, and let me help you tackle the professional world!*


Outfit number one is my homage to the MySpace emo phase that I never had. This all black ensemble starts with peplum top. Not only does the cinching around the waist enhance this area, but the peplum itself can help mask any lumps or bumps the wearer may have. The addition of the peter pan collar and the ruffle hem keep the black classy, but still fun. I paired this with a simple pair of black jeans. Traditional office environments only allow for denim once a week, but I believe this to be a more professional exception to a blatant jean. This outfit wouldn’t be complete without a cute pair of heels. These block heels are made of black suede and are some of the most comfortable heels I’ve ever worn, which is a must for the office.


Jumpsuits are no longer just for your 70’s themed parties. They have made a comeback in a huge way, with celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba sporting them. This navy jumpsuit with a tan geometric pattern is not only a comfortable work option, but it’s also the easiest to put together; it’s only one piece! I paired this with a set of tan caged heels, but any pair of tan heels will do. This outfit is the perfect mashup of comfy and classy.


Whenever I have been in need of professional attire, this final outfit has been there for me. Florals can be an overworked pattern and sometimes difficult to use; no one wants to look like they made a shirt from grandma’s favorite chair. Mixing it up with bright colors brings new life to a tired trend. This mustard yellow top is a great example. Tucked into a pair of dark navy pants and paired with a set of navy flats, this outfit not only works together, but provides multiple pieces for use in other outfits.

Dressing professionally doesn’t have to be expensive. You too can work it like Victoria Beckham in the office without needing a Victoria Beckham budget. Hopefully these outfits have gotten you excited to dress for a working world. Don’t be afraid to play with patterns and colors and above all else, be you. See you next week!

*I want to note that I bought many of these pieces in person at discount stores like Ross. Therefore, I was unable to link the exact items in the photos. I have linked to similar items and have ensured that each outfit does not cost over $50. Enjoy!


Have you tried any of these pieces? Do you have a favorite professional outfit? Let me know!

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