Can you drink Unicorns?

It’s been two days since the much anticipated Unicorn Frappuccino dropped into the lives and hearts of girls and unicorns everywhere. Seeing as I have a very real Starbucks addiction, I had to give it test and I am here to share that experience with you!



So, what the heck is in this thing? According to the Starbucks website, the base is a crème Frappuccino and mixed in is a pink powder, mango syrup, and a sour blue powder (along with more ingredients with big fancy science names). The drink has a sour blue drizzle that decorates the cup before the drink is poured. In all, it’s only 410 calories, so I would not recommend downing three of these things in a sitting (not that you’d be able to, but we’ll get to that later). The point is, this thing is basically a regular frappe, with the addition of the blue and pink powders.


Tasting the Unicorn

I’m sure just looking at the drink, you’d expect it to be undeniably sweet. Sweet like a Unicorn, maybe? You would be wrong. This drink, while, yes, does have some sweetness to it, is definitely sour. So much so that I ended up only being able to take a couple of sips every five minutes or so. It’s easy to get used to the sour taste, but it’s still difficult to drink if you’re like me and not used to sour. The pretty colors and whipped cream are fairly deceiving, leading the drinker to believe they will be tasting  sweet drink when in reality, they will get a shock of sour. Also, Starbucks advertises the ability to swirl the drink and have it change colors. Maybe it was due to error of my own, but my drink stayed a purple-pink color the entire time.



While it’s a really gorgeous drink, I wouldn’t try it again unless I was craving something sour or the Starbucks gods beamed it down into my hands, for free of course. It’s definitely something that my brother, a sour fanatic, would enjoy, but the enjoyment was a little lost on me. So, if you’re craving a little sour in your life and want to be a Unicorn queen, this is the drink for you!


Have you tried the new Unicorn Frappuccino? If so, let me know what you think!

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Hello! My name is Monet, a 20 year old blogger from Tampa, Florida. I'm a marketing coordinator at a start-up and I love being able to share the fun things of life through my blog. Hopefully we can make adulting a little less daunting together.

3 thoughts on “Can you drink Unicorns?

  1. I actually did try it (yes hello I am the brother), and the “sour” was in fact this odd bitter tartness that I just can’t deal with. At least it’s pretty!


  2. No, I was going try it but one little sample of the syrup deterred me! So I got my usual green tea lemonade sweetened with light ice.


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